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(there is an extra convenience fee if payment is made by credit card)

Making a reservation for a tour is very easy.  Click on the link below to open a reservation form, fill in all required blanks and click “register” at the bottom of the form.   And just that easy, you are registered for this memorable trip.  PLUS you can pay either the required deposit or full amount by credit card.  Or you can mail a check or money order within 10 days of making your reservation.  All payments must be in U.S. currency.

Western Highlights    

This easy step will give you a TENTATIVE reservation on the tour.  But there are other IMPORTANT steps that you must also do right away to keep that reservation so do not delay.  

If you don’t pay by credit card when you make the reservation, you must mail the required deposit or full payment to the address below within 10 days (we look at postmark, not date of receipt) of submitting an online reservation or your reservation will be deleted.  See “Payment” section below for payment information.

IMPORTANT REQUIREMENTS: You will need to submit five (5) other items within 21 days to complete your reservation.  They may either be mailed to the address below or choose the easier method of scanning and submitting electronically to the email address below. Those required items are:
 signed Parental Consent form (available online by clicking here)
 signed Rules Agreement (available online by clicking here)
 copy of your insurance card from a U.S. based insurance company (while your insurance from
      your home country may be valid in your host district, it is not accepted for tour purposes -  
      check with us if you have any question as inexpensive, short term insurance is available to 
      cover you for 30 days - contact us for further details about this policy)
 photo of your face only for the I D badge, similar to a passport picture (submit as a JPEG file 
      by attaching to an email or mail a paper copy)
 copy of your passport name page showing name and passport number

In addition, we are required to contact your host Rotary district youth exchange officer to get permission for you to participate on the tour(s) you select.  Without this permission, you will not be accepted for travel with us, even if you receive a confirmation email.  In the event your district officer will not give permission for your to go, we will return any payment you have made.  If you paid by credit card, the convenience fee is not refunded and their may be an additional convenience fee to refund to a credit card.

That’s all there is to ensuring that you will be on the tour of your choice.  Make your reservation as soon as possible because last year, we filled this trips very early and some students were left with no trip to go on.  Once we receive the required payment and the 5 required documents and permission from your district youth exchange officer, you will receive COMPLETE CONFIRMATION.  (NOTE: even though you receive complete confirmation, it is still possible for you to be removed from a tour, even up to the week of departure, if your district youth exchange officer reports that your behavior is questionable and you are deemed a risk for one of the trips.  If that happens, we do not offer any refund of fees paid other than what is indicated below in the “Refund Policy” nor refund any airfare purchased.)


What’s Included?  The tour price includes: bus travel, ALL meals or cash meal allowance to buy meals on summer tours, quadruple occupancy hotel accommodations with queen size beds, tour t-shirt, tour booklet and entrance fees to all sites visited plus all the fun you can handle!

What’s NOT Included?  The tour price does not include transportation from your host city to the beginning city for the tour and back to your host city at the end of the trip.  Do NOT purchase airline tickets until instructed to do so.  When a minimum number of students are registered, we will contact you with instructions for booking your travel, including the specific flight arrival and departure times and hotel transportation plans.

Payment  We can accept credit card payment at the time you make your online reservation or a personal or cashier’s check or a money order, paid in US currency, that is mailed within 10 days of making your reservation. There is an extra convenience fee added to your payment if you choose to pay by credit card.

We can not accept direct wire transfer payments to our account but funds could be wired to a student’s bank account or the bank of host parents or club counselor so a check can be written.

RESERVATIONS: You can make a reservations with just an $800 deposit if you submit your reservation by December 31, 2017. The balance of the tour fees must be submitted by February 28, 2018 or you risk losing your space on the trip.  If you make your reservation after December 31, 2017 you must submit full payment.  No reservations will be accepted after March 15, 2018.  (Last year’s west trip was booked full by early December.)
REFUND POLICY: Full refund will be given if a written or emailed request is received by February 28, 2018.  Unless the tour is able to fill the vacancy created by your dropping from the tour, requests for refunds during March will receive only 2/3 of the total amount paid; requests received April 1 to 15 will receive only 1/2 of the paid amount; requests received April 16 to 30 will receive only 1/4 of paid amount.  Refunds after May 1, 2018 will be only the amount of the budgeted cash meal allowance as all trip expenses will have been paid by that date.  Any refund will not include the convenience fee if payments were made by credit card and may have an additional convenience fee deducted if refunded directly to a credit card.


You may scan the 5 required documents and send electronically if you wish.  The photo MUST BE IN A JPEG FORMAT.  Other documents can be either JPEG or PDF.  If you prefer to mail them, please DO NOT send so that we have to sign for them.  DO NOT send by certified mail, express mail or special courier unless you indicate a waiver of signature.  If  you do, it slows down the process of acceptance.  Just mail them by regular first class mail as we look at the date of postmark, not date of receipt.

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